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As an experienced Licensed Massage Therapist, I use a blend of techniques to create a unique session tailored to your individual needs. I strongly believe in meeting you where you are on your well-being journey, and helping to reconnect the mind and body. Each session may incorporate different techniques or modalities to achieve your goals.

My rates are $100 per 60 minutes session, with additional time for pre and post session discussion. 

Swedish Massage
Relax and Unwind

Swedish Massage is the most common and best known type of massage. It involves long, fluid strokes of muscles and tissues with pressure that varies from light to medium to firm. This type of massage is considered to be one of the most relaxing styles. Your massage therapists will adjust the pressure according to your sensitivity and preference.


Deep Tissue Massage
Hurts so Good

Deep Tissue Massage is a deeper, more intense massage often using trigger point therapy. This technique uses slow, deep guided strokes and firm pressure designed to relieve severe tension and reach below the superficial muscles. Deep Tissue Massage is often recommended for individuals who experience consistent pain and soreness in both large and small muscle groups.


Thai Massage/Thai Yoga
Deep Stretchy Relief

Thai Massage is performed on a comfortable mat on the floor, with both the receiver and client fully clothed. It involves sustained deep compressions, coupled with yoga-style stretching to increase mobility. This is usually recommended for people looking for deep pressure, or those wanting to increase their range of motion and flexibility. 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD)
Light and Gentle

The Lymphatic System consists of vessels, ducts and nodes and is closely connected to the cardiovascular system. It is often referred to as an  ”internal cleaning system for the whole body”.  It is vital for the maintenance of human life because if it fails to function correctly, excessive fluids and toxins build up causing the body pain, loss of energy, infection and disease. MLD can help improve healing for post surgical and other injuries, as well as help support the immune system. It is an incredibly light and gentle massage.
This would be recommended for people recovering from surgery, have swelling/edema, and post oncology.  It can also be beneficial for people with Autoimmune Disorders, PTSD, Autism, and touch sensitivities and aversions. 



Dry Cupping Therapy
Negative Pressure for Positive Relief

Cupping involves using plastic or glass cups to create a negative pressure on the skin, lifting fascia and muscle tissue, allowing for increased circulation and pain relief. The primary side effects of Dry Cupping are bruising and site tenderness; however, many people feel relief.

This is different than Wet Cupping, which involves small cuts in the skin prior to placement of the cups - there will be no blood/bodily fluids used in Dry Cupping. 



Gua Sha/Fascial Scraping
Ancient Jade Scraping

Gua Sha is an ancient technique using tools, such as jade, horn, or even a spoon's edge, to scrape along the skin to help loosen up fascia and increase circulation.  This is typically an aggressive technique that can be painful and may leave bruising-like marks on the skin; however, using a gentler pressure and tool can reduce the pain and bruising. This is recommended to help with scar tissue, stretching of connective tissue such as ligaments and tendons, and for pain relief.